The set of optics for
Ritchey-Chretien telescope RC400

Primary mirror diameter

406 mm

Primary focal ratio


Secondary mirror diameter

160 mm

Equivalent focal ratio


Equivalent focal length

3200 mm

Back Focus (from primary mirror surface)

325 mm

Primary to Secondary Spacing

784 mm

Primary mirror hole

120 mm

Primary mirror thickness

55 mm

Secondary mirror thickness

20 mm

Mirrors material

LK-7 (low expansion optical glass) Optionally optics from AstroSitall may be maintained

Optical accuracy

1/4 wave peak-to-valley of wave front in assembled system or better and 1/25 wave RMS or better, Strehl Ratio is 0.95 or is higher.
The interferometric test report is supplied with each optical sets

Coating of surfaces

Al + SiO2 (Quartz) overcoat


5900 EURO

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