ASTROSIB RC OTA telescopes saw their first light at 1995, and up to the present, production of RC optics and telescopes remains to be the chief business of our company. After its appearance early in the 20th century due to a pair of famous opticists Henri Chretien and George Ritchey, that optical system quickly earned a great reputation among astronomers. Notwithstanding the fact that within recent decades a significant leap was made in the hystory of computations of new wide-field optical systems, the Ritchey-Chretien system is still the most popular one among professionals and many amateur astrophotographers who, as a rule, have their own observatories. One of this system's major advantages over many others is that it has only two main optical surfaces in its principal optical scheme which entails the possibility of using it in wide range of spectrum of light, and alignment simplicity. Legends and rumors about extreme difficulties of RC-systems alignment have gone long time ago.

telescopes Ritchey-Chretien

For decades the telescopes of that system were inaccessible for amateur astronomers as its mirrors have hyperbolic shape which is too far from spherical, and at the same time needing high accuracy while manufacturing. Evidently such mirrors were unfit for mass production. Nonetheless there are several firms now which produce such an optics and telescopes in batches for advanced astrophotographers. Nowadays the RC lovers have not only a chance to buy it but even to choose.
In recent years the new branch of observational astronomy - remote astronomy - has been thriving. Additional expenditures for arrangements of such observatories, which are controlled from afar, using Internet, turned out to be more than justified. It would not be an overstatement to say that useful "observing time" of such observatories increases by factor of tens. The confugiration of our most recent telescopes supports remote control of them. Some of our telescopes, which are set in the mountains at thousands kilometers from their observers, are put through arduous testing on their quality and reliability    READ MORE>>>

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